Sunday, April 3, 2011

It begins...

Hello, fellow Imaginarians!

Here it is, our official Imaginarium Blog... this blog will be our hub of activity, a source of joy and entertainment for our fans and it will be our visual guide in an imaginary realm.

First and foremost, let me introduce myself:

I am Jessica, captain of The Imaginarium
and proprietor of Luminoddities


...and I am ALWAYS happy to hear from you!

The Imaginarium is an Etsy team born of a desire to join the wealth of unconventionally talented creators, artists and artisans already present in our beloved Etsy community. We are a team hell-bent on encouraging creativity, exploration and rampant inspiration... we hold no requirements of our members, other than a simple request to communicate and inspire eachother! Our jobs are to encourage CONSTANT GROWTH of our fellow teamates and their skills! What fun is an art that has grown stale? No fun at all!

Dear Members...
Anytime you find yourself with a question that cannot be answered on our Team Discussion Board, please don't hesitate to convo me (here)
... or either of our amazing Imaginarium Team leaders;
Violette (of NobleStudiosLtd)
Priscilla (of ReadBetweenLines)

Please share our team blog on your Facebook pages, link to us on your blogs (buttons coming soon!), and TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

- interviews with Imaginarium Team Members
- Imaginarium Team Listing Competitions (with special recognition on our blog to any team members who donate prizes!)
- featured team treasuries
- the ever-entertaining musings of your captain and team leaders
- inspiration and photos galore
- tips, tricks and miscellanea