Monday, May 23, 2011

Traveling Sideshow Team Challenge - Let's take a gander at our prize donations!

Soon, our "Traveling Sideshow" team challenge will be drawing to a close... in the meantime (and just to entice you even further!) lets's take a look at what our generous teamates have donated for the winner!

noble necklace1

Steampunk 1920's Watchface Necklace
donated by NobleStudiosLtd

readbetweenlines ring

Custom-made Antique Victorian Button Ring
donated by ReadBetweenLines

bronze acorns

Bronze Acorns - set of three
donated by DemetersCloset


Sideshow Gaffs Pinback Button Set : The Jackalope and Two-Headed Cow
donated by PilousPercilla


They Fell From The Sky - Glass, Antique Brass and Green Tourmalated Quartz Fringe Earrings
donated by ChYMieRa


Speckled Drop Earrings
donated by pipnmolly

feather fasc

Choice of any feather fascinator $40 value or less
donated by BoringSidney


Ornamental - Antique Bone Button and Victorian Brass Necklace
donated by Luminoddities

Now, if this isn't enough to get everyone drooling... then I don't know what will! Thanks again to our incredibly generous team for making our team challenges TOTALLY worth the effort! The 31st is coming up fast... and we already have many MIND-BLOWING entries... but there's always room for more! And remember, all team challenge entries must be in before midnight (pumpkin time!) on March 31st to be eligible for voting!

Good luck, my little Imaginarians!!!


  1. WOW I want everything! It all looks AMAZING!


  2. Oooh, this makes me want to vote for myself. I'm not proud -- I just love beautiful things.

  3. wowzaaa!!!!! awesome stuff to whom ever the winner will be. (hint: pick me?) =)
    ah, just kidding.
    If I won, I would donate everything anyways! xo