Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Once Was

'What Once Was' by WhatOnceWas

I bow down to artists who have the vision to see the possibilites in the most mundane items and the ability to create uniquely beautiful art! This is an homage to you!!!

Bottle Baby Doll Assemblage

Oil Painting Landscape CanSc...

Nature paints her colours

Reclaimed - salvage textile ...

Regret Book Works Assemblag...

WHAT'S LEFT- Original Mi...

Fanny. Goddess of Wabi-Sabi....

assemblage art - 'gethse...

Alice In Caterpillar's G...

Altered Book "Katie'...

snakeskin fossil fish dangle...

Halloween Witch Captured in ...


Mourning Dove neckpiece

Steampunk brooch OR necklace...

The Aviator

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

GORGEOUS treasury, WhatOnceWas! Thank you!!!

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